Sports Events Gudelines



PURPOSE: The purpose of this document is to establish guidelines and assign responsibilities for RSNV Event’s Committee representative during club sponsored sporting events to maximize enjoyment for all participants.

SCOPE: This document addresses pre-event and event date administrative considerations. It also addresses In Case of Emergency (ICE) situations and suggests ways to cope with rare events that could impact a sporting event trip.

  1. Administrative
      1. Before the Event

(1). The Event Committee will assign a Coach Coordinator (CC) to each coach.

(2) The sports event chairperson will set the per member cost of an event and may exclude him/herself from the cost of the transportation cost component.

(3) The CC should advise the ticket purchaser of their responsibility. See attached Sports Event Ticket Purchase Policy

(4). Event tickets envelopes should be prepared in alphabetical order for distribution on the date of the event.

(5) On or in the ticket envelope should be the cell phone number of the CC for ICE and administrative purposes

(6) Each attendee should be encouraged to bring a cell phone to the event.

(7) Anyone traveling without a spouse/relative/significant other will be required to provide the name and telephone number of an emergency contact.

(8). The CC should prepare a roster of all attendees with home and cell phone numbers from the current membership directory.

( 9) Unsold Tickets

In the event that there are tickets remaining, this procedure will be followed:

First – send an email to those attending the event to see if they know anyone who would like to go to the event.

Second – send an email to the entire membership to make sure any member wants to attend.

Third – They may be offered to any local sports involved personnel: coaches/students/writers, etc.

B. Date of the Event

(1) The CC will distribute ticket envelopes before attendees board the coach.

(2). At departure, the CC should circulate the roster with home and cell telephone to attendees for verification. It should have a check off column for medically trained personnel (physicians, nurses, EMS, etc) and another for those with CPR knowledge.

(3) The CC should brief the attendees on the appropriate administrative matters. This should include the time and location where to meet the coach after the event. It should include instructions in the event of extra innings/overtime or other protracted unforeseen delays.

(4). The CC should exchange cell phone telephone numbers with the vendor’s assigned coach driver.

(5) The CC should keep a copy of the roster as described in (2) above with him/her at all times while attending the event.

(6). It is the responsibility of the CC to communicate with the coach driver before the end of the event to determine if there any last minute changes to the pre-planned time and location of the pickup point. The CC should advise the attendees at the assigned seat locations of any last minute changes.

2. In Case of Emergency (ICE)

A, The CC should be prepared to deal with a wide range of possible emergency situations. These could range from illness or injury of an attendee (certainly possible in our age group) loss of ticket, or failure to show up for the return trip home. Other emergencies could include but not limited to coach mechanical breakdown, coach accident, coach driver unable to perform his/her duties, extended traffic delays, severe weather, or dealing an intoxicated or unruly disruptive individual.

B. Injury or Illness of an Attendee

(1). If an attendee is injured or becomes ill it is the responsibility of the CC to get the appropriate medical attention (i.e. calling 911).

(2). The CC should designate a spouse or volunteer with a cell phone to accompany the individual while undergoing medical treatment.

(3). The CC will assure that a non-accompanying family member is notified

C. Injury or Illness of the coach driver

(1). It is the responsibility of the CC to secure in advance the telephone number of the coach provider in the unlikely event that the driver cannot perform contracted functions.


Coach Coordinator’s Check List

Sports Event Ticket Purchase Policy

SNV Events Committee ICE Revised: Sept 26, 2015 LRH



  1. Have tickets been place in envelopes in alphabetical order for distribution?

2. Is your cell phone number on or in the ticket envelopes?

3 Has a roster of attendees been prepared with home and cell phone numbers?

4. Do you have the emergency contact and telephone number for anyone traveling without a spouse/relative/significant other?

5. Upon departure has the above been circulated for updating to all attendees on the coach?

6. Do you have the updated roster on your person with assigned ticket seat numbers?

7. Before off loading the coach at the event venue have attendees been briefed on the coach departure designated meeting point?

8. Have cell phone numbers been exchanged with the coach driver?

9. Do you have in your possession the coach firm’s 24-hour emergency number?

10. Have you called or texted the coach driver near the end of the event for any last minute changes to the meeting point and if so communicated with attendees?

11. Do you have your cell phone A/C charger?


  1. In the event of a medical emergency has 911 been called?
  2. Has immediate first aide been rendered?
  3. In case of hospitalization has an individual with cell phone been assigned to accompany the injured/ill person for medical treatment?
  4. If applicable, has a non-accompanying family member been notified?

RSNV Event Committee ICE Revised: Sept 26, 2015


If you are unable to attend it is your responsibility to sell your tickets to another RSNV member. If there is a waiting list for the event the Sports Event Coordinator will supply you with the name(s) and telephone number for you to contact another member to arrange payment.

If you desire to be seated adjacent to another member, please let us know upon purchase of the tickets.

Most stadiums and arenas have elevators and escalators but there could be some stairs and walking. If you require assistance (i.e., wheelchair, walker, crutches, etc.) due to mobility or other physical issues please advise the Event Coordinator at the time of registration so arrangements can be made for the appropriate seating. It is mandatory that another member accompany you at all times.

We expect that you will have a cell phone with you (or a shared cell phone with your spouse/relative/significant other) at all times while attending the event.

Anyone traveling without a spouse/relative/significant other will be required to provide the name and telephone number of an emergency contact.

The RSNV Club is not responsible for delays and cancellations beyond the control of the club. If the scheduled event is cancelled, the RSNV Club will only refund that portion of the cost of the event that is recouped by the club.

The Sports Event Coordinator will notify you by e-mail with advisories before the event including reminders of dates, times, meeting points, and other relevant information.

File: RSNV Sports Event Ticket Purchase Policy, March 2017 Rev.