Golf Challenge

Golfer_StylishWe were finally able to play the All Star Challenge of Villages Clubs.  Our original date was rained out. We had a great showing from the 5 teams—90 Participants in all. Results were even better:

  •  Red Sox Nation  8.5 Points  We Came In FIRST
  •  Cardinals Nation  6.5 Points
  •  Orioles/Nationals  5 Points
  •  New York Yankees  4.5 Points
  •  Pirates  4 Points

Scoring was complicated, but it worked in our favor.  All participants returned to Palmer Country Club to enjoy each others’ company.  The party finally broke up around 9 PM.  See what you missed by not signing up.

Picture of Red Sox Nation















Picture of All 5 Teams RSNV, Orioles/Nationals, NYY, Pirates, Cardinals Nation