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Welcome to Red Sox Nation - Villages

Welcome to Red Sox Nation - Villages

Welcome to Red Sox Nation - VillagesWelcome to Red Sox Nation - Villages

Policy Information

Policy Information


If you are unable to attend it is your responsibility to     sell your tickets to another RSNV member. If there is a waiting     list for the event the Sports Event Coordinator will supply you with the     name(s) and telephone number for you to contact another member to arrange     payment.

If you desire to be seated adjacent to another member,     please let us know upon purchase of the tickets.

Most stadiums and arenas have elevators and escalators     but there could be some stairs and walking. If you require assistance (i.e.,     wheelchair, walker, crutches, etc.) due to mobility or other physical     issues please advise the Event Coordinator at the time of registration so     arrangements can be made for the appropriate seating. It is mandatory that     another member accompany you at all times.

We expect that you will have a cell phone with you (or a     shared cell phone with your spouse/relative/significant other) at all times     while attending the event.

Anyone traveling without a spouse/relative/significant     other will be required to provide the name and telephone number of an     emergency contact.

The RSNV Club is not responsible for delays and     cancellations beyond the control of the club. If the scheduled event is     canceled, the RSNV Club will only refund that portion of the cost of the     event that is recouped by the club.

The Sports Event Coordinator will notify you by e-mail     with advisories before the event including reminders of dates, times,     meeting points, and other relevant information.

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